Common Mistakes Buyers Commit When Getting Los Angeles, CA Loose Diamonds for Wedding

Loose Diamonds Buying Mistakes

loose diamondsIt is always a habit of customers to shop for their diamonds in a traditional way even if they are dealing with an online shop. The common scenario is the customer is selecting from the array of diamonds with different qualities, shapes and sizes until they are overwhelmed. Other customers are also reading some online blogs before doing the purchase, which is a good thing because the more informed you are the better the purchase is.

When getting loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA, here are some of the things that you should watch out for:

Be aware if you are being shown to loose diamond options

The goal of the seller is to put off the diamond for good so they will try to do their tricks and sweet sales talk to you. Out of the two or three loose stones being shown to you, there is one there that the seller really wanted to get rid. Being the best among the choices does not mean that the stone is already excellent. Try to ask for other stone samples if you are not satisfied especially if the seller is becoming pushy.

Avoid getting diamonds with deep cuts

What is the use of carat weight if it is hidden deeply inside the diamonds surface? If you are shown a diamond like this, it means that it is poorly cut and the seller wants to get rid of it. If you are particular with the diamond’s caratage, you should be careful with sellers who are trying to sweet talk you with this poorly cut goodies. You may end up getting a 0.90 carat diamond but the label says its 1.0 carat.

Well cut stones are naturally expensive

When a jewelry store offers an overwhelmingly low price when it comes to its loose diamonds, it means that it is selling low cut stones. These stones are difficult to put off especially if most of the customers before have the knowledge in caratage. If you are inexperienced, the very first thing that you should ask is “why does it cost so cheap?” Cheap cost means cheap quality so beware.

If you want a high quality purchase for your loose diamond, go with the jewelry stores that are following the FTC guidelines when it comes to grading and certification. You can never go wrong if the store follows proper grading and certifications.

The purchase of loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA will save you lots of cash. If you are gearing towards a customized engagement ring, it is better to start with the main stone so you can gauge whether it is high quality or not.

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