Features of a Modern Limo Car Transportation in Austin TX

Perfect Modern Limo For You

Modern limo car transportation features in Austin TX have developed throughout the years due to the demand of the general population of something innovative and new to their sense. Over the years, limos have been upgraded and additional features were added by custom demand or by the original concept of the creator.

Due to its luxurious looks and as it is made to serve the rich, having a limo as it is seems to be a perfect and complete package yet it is slowly transformed annually making it not just a luxury car but a bar, a home, a party place, a comfortable couch, a getaway venue and a racing champion. All of these are achieved nowadays by a modern limo car transportation in Austin TX.

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Modern limos have features like the stretched with a lengthened wheelbase. That is the basic component of a car which you could categorize as a limo. Normally, its color its pitch black and a silver outline but some owners customize both the interior and exterior to make it look chic.

Some people would choose neutral colors such as white mixed with gold or black with silver but some would choose their own favorite like pink, red, flaming looks, etc. They also pay particular attention with the horse power, chassis and interior wheels to make it fast and fashionable airport car service Austin.

From the exterior of the great stretching limo, it is now time to be fascinated with a variety of interior designs. A lot of limos would have ultimate surround sound stereos with TV and now 3D TVs. Disco lights are also added to make it look like a party place while getting hyped from the music.

The amazing bar goes with a refrigerator, a shaker and a below zero pad to make your drinks ice cold. From 10 seater some limos now feature 20 seaters with foot rests to have the whole gang enjoy the ride. The best feature of all is a fully functioning hot tub recently installed in the ultimate stretch limo. You can also have picture taking inside and out of the limo car.

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