Four Recommended Piers for Your Wedding Photography by the Piers in San Diego CA

Good Place for Wedding Photo Shoot

If wedding photography by the piers in San Diego, CA is what you wish for your own wedding album, then you have chosen the right place. Wedding photographers in San Diego will give you the place where you can find beautiful piers.  It has become a gathering spot of the community where they can have a peaceful stroll, fishing time, or dinner. Even piers that are 2,000 feet long can also be found in this county. For you to fulfill your wedding photography by the pier below are the best places you can go to.

PhotographerLocated at 4500 Ocean Blvd in San Diego, Crystal Pier is a unique location since it also has a number of cottages. It is also a famous fishing spot since 1927. Have a beautiful wedding photo shoot in an abundant sandy shore. Since it is open to guests 24 hours a day, you can visit it from sunrise to sunset.

Ocean Beach Pier or just O.B. is now considered the longest pier in San Diego. At 1, 971 feet built in 1966, it is the longest concrete structure even in the West Coast. Get the benefits of its T-shaped platform on the end with a mile of railing. O.B. also has a café near it.

Found in a residential beach city with a Mediterranean climate, Imperial Beach Pier has a wide plank made of wood. From there, you also get to have a sight of Mexico and Los Coronados Islands.  It also has a café at the end of its walk down and a colorful statue and art deco in the entrance.

Named as the second-longest pier by Wedding Photography San Diego, Oceanside Pier has wide and uneven wooden planks that measures 1, 942 feet long. It is also considered as the longest wooden pier in West Coast. Just like the other piers, this is also as ideal setting for your wedding photography by the piers in San Diego, CA.

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