How to Decide on the Stone When Visiting San Diego, CA Wedding Jewelry Stores

Options for Wedding Jewelry Stores

wedding jewelry storesIf you visit local wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA, the very first thing that comes into your mind is whether you’ll get a diamond or not. For all these years, the most common type of bling in the wedding industry is diamonds. But, don’t you know that there are some alternatives that you can make use.

Moissanite options: If there is a stone that is an exact replica of a diamond, this is it. Moissanite is characterized with colorless feature; if you mix it with genuine diamonds, you can’t tell the difference as jewelers San Diego suggest. Aside from being less expensive, the color of this stone is more fire-y; its components is also high resistant to abrasion plus excellent durability. Getting moissanite means you are only spending around $300 as compared to a diamond stone that has a $3000 price tag.

Go with colored stone: Colorless stones are usual options when it comes to wedding jewelry. If your want to capture the personality of your fiancée in a stone, then try looking for colored stones such as rubies and sapphires. For a fraction of the diamond’s cost, you can be able to buy a colored gemstone in the market. Think of how much you can save if you take this option. Birthstones are also good material for a perfectly customized engagement ring.

If you want to skip visiting wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA and spend less cash, you can go with heirloom rings. The issue with heirloom rings is if they are too old or antique. Worry not because you can have them reset and re-polished in the nearest jewelry artisan shop. An heirloom ring will make you spend a few dollars for repair rather than spending at least $1500 for a retail item. Lastly, don’t forget to document your proposal and wedding by means  of photos and video.

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