How to Make Wedding Pie Dessert Table in Houston, TX

Wedding Pies Buffet

wedding piesCupcakes and candy dessert table are becoming popular nowadays, but what if you want something different and unique for your dessert table? Don’t underestimate pies because they will surely make a huge surprise to your guest. Wedding pies in Houston, TX are perfect alternative to candy and cake; in fact they are perfect for those people who are health conscious. Pies can be made up of vegetable, fruits, tuna or chicken. Treat your guests to a good old fashioned Pie Bar and your wedding will be memorable.

Bar for wedding pies in Houston, TX is also a great way to showcase your favorite flavors for pies. The options are endless from favorite American apple pie to French chocolate pie and even fruit tarts and mini pies. You just need to be creative, resourceful and artistic in presenting these delectable desserts. Putting up a pie dessert table is very simple and you don’t need to sweat especially if you have bakers who can provide you with different flavors. Wedding pies in Houston, TX are ideal for bridal and rehearsal dinner too.

If you can’t cook for your favorite pies, first you need to search for best wedding pies in Houston, TX. This may take some times but if your focus is on the local bakers and pastry chefs then you will surely get a short list of pie providers. Before hiring you need to have pre-tasting. The key here is to find a pie provider that suits your taste. Make sure that the pie is not too commercialized; guests would love and appreciate those homemade specialties or individual pies.

When setting up a pie table it is crucial that you will put labels. This will distinguished the different flavors of pie. You don’t need to spend dollars for this, simply find a free label generator online and print it in a photo paper or vintage paper that can be found at the craft stores. Make sure to create cohesive labels or tags. Use colored paper if you want your dessert table look festive and fun.  Use fabric draping to the table to make it look gorgeous and stylish. Alongside with the pies you can put milk, coffee and tea. This is perfect combination for pies and tarts.

If the mini pies are intended for wedding favors, make sure to wrap them in colored plastic with beautiful ribbons, you can also use cardboard boxes with tags.

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