Marriage of Menu Flavors that is Perfect for Your Wedding Day

What You Should Consider to Serve on Your Big Day

Don’t think that your wedding day is not all about food.  It actually is! Your guests will surely be looking for the menu that you are going to serve them. This is a very important part of the wedding that you should pay attention to. Don’t just give them something that they are eating every day. Give it a twist! This way, they will love your wedding more. Plus, it will be one of the most memorable wedding foods that they will ever have. So make sure that you have the right entrees on your wedding day.

All About WeddingFor starters, just as the bride makes a grand entrance at the reception, so should the hors d’oeuvre and appetizers. They should make a great first impression on your reception area. There’s nothing worse than guests drinking two hours with not enough food while the bridal party has their photographs done. You want to have a wedding that is perfectly done and running smoothly.

Favorite bites that highlight two top food trends—haute vegan-vegetarian and sous vide—include butternut squash, apple and celery root terrine with pecan maple salsa verde, edamame-cucumber cups with ginger and sweet chile sauce, and coconut-kaffir lime rice cakes with chile peanuts. This totally a new trend that you want to incorporate into your own wedding day.

And for better or worse, first impressions of food have everything to do with looks. Visually stunning, enhanced hors d’oeuvre trays, such as texture-filled shadow boxes and even larger hawker-style carry trays, make for an exciting presentation of finger foods and smaller bites. As for appetizer buffets and food stations, the artful pairing of booze and finger foods adds another level of creativity to the cocktail hour.

The biggest cuisine change comes from better qualified chefs and culinary staff that are joining catering kitchens. Cultural sensibilities aside, multi-ethnic cuisine has broad appeal. Today’s couple is more food-savvy. They’ve traveled, and have been introduced to many cuisines. You can enjoy this kind of wedding reception menu for a more different aura.

You can a fusion of different cultural recipes for a more exciting wedding of the season. You can serve an entree offering featured a filet of turbot on a spinach, roasted shallot and cardamom pillow, a tandoori spice-rubbed hanger steak with chimichurri in a French fry basket, and a garam masala infused couscous tower topped with spinach, fried catfish, and ginger-black garlic marinated shrimp with mango green chile salsa.

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