Meal Options of Wedding Catering Providers in Minneapolis, MN

Food Service for the Bridal Guests

When you send out invitations to your close family members, relatives, friends and co-workers, please bear in mind that they will be expecting nothing short of a delectable meal in your event. When you say meal, it does not need to be a five course set up or expensive gourmet. It can be a simple setup as provided by the owner of wedding catering in Minneapolis, MN.



It is your wedding and it is your discretion if you will be serving full meal or not. If you are trying to cut down the cost, try to serve appetizers. Unlike full courses, appetizers are sociable type of food which you can carry and eat while you are standing. This setup will also match with the wedding cocktail. Appetizer catering will encourage your guests to mingle with each other.

BBQ and Buffet setup

A more laid back and relaxed setup for a catering service is BBQ and buffet. If you will be holding your wedding in the backyard, BBQ catering is a perfect option. Let your guests line up as they wait for their BBQ fresh from the grills. If you want to serve variety of food to your highly esteemed guests, buffet is a good consideration. In this way, you give them freedom what kind of food to choose. This is perfect if the guests have food restrictions; they can just choose dishes that they can eat without suffering allergies.

Sit-down dinner

For a more formal event, you can choose this type of catering. The food is controlled by the servers or waiters. You can serve gourmet type of food in here. But if you are saving money, sit-down dinner might be expensive for your wallet. this type of catering is ideal if planning to have formal wedding photography.

The type of food that you are going to serve will affect the overall impression of your event. Make sure that you talk to the professional providers of wedding catering in Minneapolis, MN before you panic. These providers could always help you, whether you need a simple or gourmet type of preparation.

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