Multicolor Flower Plants For Arrangement in Houston TX Weddings

Common Multicolor Flowers for Arrangement in Weddings

It is quite fascinating to know that in Houston TX they have multicolor flower arrangements during wedding with the use of multicolor flower plants that will look glamorous in wedding photos. These flowers were naturally grown without any involvement of spray paint to add a good effect to the flowers. Look at this site for reliable florists in Houston.

wedding bouquetHouston TX wedding flower arrangements use this type of flower plants to give an amazing effect acting as decorations and backdrop designs of photographs. Since they are also used in a romantic setting, the beauty of these flowers are more appreciated. Though they may cost more since they are expensive compared to uni colored flowers, they are still common during these special events.

Here are the list of multicolor flower plants that you may use in your own wedding flower arrangement.

Abutilon Flower

Abutilon flower has different color combinations. There are orange abutilons which have a combination of red-orange color and each of its petals. There are also red and white Abutilon color combination. There are abutilons that are already hybrid or genetically modified and they cost as much as the naturally grown Abutilon flower type. The most common Abutilon used is the pink-red-white hues combined in the beautiful petal it resembles.


Same as Abutilon flower, Acanthus also has a lot of color combinations. There are two common combinations which are the “Morning Candle” and “Summer Beauty”. The Acanthus Morning Candle has darker shades of violet, white and maroon distributed separately and unevenly. The Summer Beauty has the same colors but it has a lighter shade.


Alstromeria is one of the florists favorites. It has the most color combinations you could ever imagine. Its soft and this petals has lots of multicolor combinations that act as a beautifying effect on each and every stem. There are Freedom, Casablanca, Princess Fabiana, Muave Majesty, Princess Matilde, Princess Oxana, Variegata and Sweet Laura. All of these Alstromeria flower types has different shapes and colors but it has similar features from each other.

Phlox Peppermint Twist

This flower type has an amazing combination of stripes white and pink evenly distributed from each other. It is a rare plant that is why it is quite difficult to find and goes with a very expensive price. This amazing plant type will astonish you with its amazing features.

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