NYC, NY Wedding Venues Considerations Couples Should Know

Knowing Wedding Venue Considerations

An hour after the couple has announced their engagement; well wishers will surely flood their inbox. However, are you ready for the next step of the journey? Aside from getting a wedding ring, there is a need to plan for the venue as well, both the ceremony and reception locations.

Wedding VenueThere are different wedding venues in NYC, NY that you can make use, but you will only need the perfect one. The wedding venue is mostly booked ahead because it is where everything is based—the design, décor, cake, catering, transportation and many more. You can’t commit mistakes in this one because if you do the rest of the details will follow.

Understanding the wedding venue logistics. Couples are always in a dilemma whether they should pick a venue ahead or count the guests first before booking one. If your venue will be attended by below 30 guests then booking a venue ahead is advisable. However, more than a hundred guests will surely require you to count properly. Not all venues may fit more than 100 guests so you should be very specific. The last thing you should suffer is the wedding venues that does not have enough seats and tables to accommodate the invited guests. It is embarrassing, so save yourself from it.

Venue visitation. If your wedding will be held in the morning, lunchtime or dinner, it is important to visit the venue during that time as well. In this way, you can be able to gauge what are the perfect designs to be decorated to enhance the beauty of the place. Not all beautiful wedding photos of venue are good in person so better visit the place. There are types of venues that are just perfect that you no longer need any decors. If the venue did not meet your expectations, then you can do something about it. For more advice on how to work with the venue, bring your planner or decorator.

Capability of full service or not. If you are the type of person who wants everything to be in-house, including the catering and music, you should ask ahead. There are beautiful venues that are not capable of catering full service; they are only able to provide the venue itself and nothing more. If this happens to you, the planning needs to be extensive and mostly expensive. If you want to save yourself from cash and inconvenience, work with a venue that offers almost everything that you need.                                              

The options for wedding venues in NYC, NY are infinite these days. All you need to do is choose. However, making a decision without doing extensive research will result to some issues later on. Although the task of finding a venue is too much for some couples, asking advice and reading wedding planning blogs will help you a lot. Always make sure that the venue has the right space, realistic and within your budget range. To find perfect venue visit

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