Photographers’ Backup Plan for Wedding Photography Storage in NYC

Post Wedding Photography Backup Storage Plan

You can often see photographers in wedding carrying two or more cameras and other photography equipment. Along with the lenses, flashes and more, it helps the photographer to capture and produce stunning wedding images. However, one of the important thing that photographer’s bring with them is storage devices for the wedding photographs.

You can expect a photographer to capture thousands of images every wedding. Thus, it is necessary for them to protect the images they captured throughout the day. Here is a photographer’s sample back up plan for wedding photography storage in NYC.

  1. Copy never move. It is an important rule for all NYC photographers to import digital images to the computer. Whether you have a wedding to attend to in the afternoon and another in the evening, you need to have enough cards to shoot both weddings. Never delete the images on your card for the first wedding, or expect a disaster.
  2. Eject the device properly. Usually, once the USB drive has successfully copied or moved all the files, it is then ejected or removed from the desktop. There are times that files turn out corrupted. However, regard the files like your precious images, just like how the wedding couples will treat their wedding photographs. Take at least ten seconds to hit eject and remove the drive.
  3. Consider off-site data storage. When your office or apartment gets caught by fire, you lose every image that your clients are expecting to see in their wedding album. For this reason, consider having a copy of your photographed wedding images stored in off-site data or go online like the Cloud services. Unlike USB drives that can store gigabytes of files, cloud services can keep terabytes of data. This is highly considered a long term storage solution.

Ask your photographer how they handle their wedding photography storage in NYC. You will greatly benefit from this if you inquire your photographer before signing the deal when it comes to affordable wedding photographers in NYC.

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