Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planners in New Orleans, LA

Guidelines in Choosing Wedding Planner

Wedding planners in New Orleans, LA are your best friends for your wedding. Wedding coordinators New Orleans are the one who take good care of everything you need; from one vendor to other service providers. They are the one who help you to make your dream turn into reality. They are the one who minimize the stress that is commonly encountered by many brides. They are the control freak of your wedding because they tend to make everything perfect which is favorable in your side. They address all your concerns including the wedding speeches that are commonly forgotten by some planners.

Choosing a planner and coordinator is not the easy but you can use the questions below to guide you in your journey in searching for the most suitable one.

  1. How many clients or weddings have you planned and organized?
  2. Can you provide us with authentic testimonial from your previous clients together with the photographs of the said wedding?
  3. Are you familiar with the venue that I have chosen?
  4. Do you know some vendors that can provide you with the things that you need for the wedding such as flowers, food and beverage caterer etc?
  5. How do you handle pressure and what are the common things that you do in order to solve the problem?
  6. Are you capable of coming up with back up plans?
  7. What is the worst thing that happen to you during the wedding planning stage?
  8. Are there any clients who are not satisfied with your service?
  9. And what are the things that you have done that caused the clients to be unsatisfied?
  10. Have you encountered any problem when it comes to spending the wedding budget.
  11. Do you provide a contract to assure that my interest is protected?

Wedding planners in New Orleans, LA should always keep in touch with you for some updates and improvements from the last meet up.

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