Get Married Like a Queen With Royal Wedding Ballroom in Los Angeles, California

The Royal Wedding Ballroom in Los Angeles

Getting married inside a royal wedding ballroom in Los Angeles, California is one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s life. It is always a fantasy of women to be like the queen on their wedding day.

If you don’t know how to start planning a regal wedding, here are things that you need to know.

wedding ballroomFirst, all the details of your wedding should be opulent and luxurious. From wedding invitations to the wedding chapels and to the souvenirs, everything should exude royalty and class. One of the most important factor to create a royal mood is the choice of the wedding venue. You may look for sites that offer grand wedding ballrooms and historic mansions that are perfect setups for a royal wedding.

Second, select the right bridal dress and accessories. If you want to feel like a queen in your Los Angeles venues, wear a full ball gown made of silk satin or other luxe fabrics. Enhance the regal effect of your gown by wearing a gold or silvery embroidery and fabulous earrings and necklace.

Third, make your entrance jaw-dropping. You may do this by arriving at your wedding venue on a horse-drawn carriage and heralded by footmen or trumpeters, you may actually ask your groomsmen, and being handed down by your Prince Charming. To complete a regal entrance, you can have your flower girls to sprinkle fresh flowers on your path while walking the aisle. Who would not drool over these?

Regarding the menus on the reception inside a  royal wedding ballroom in Los Angeles, California, you can have a royal by playing with a rich color palette. Your cake can be gold or burgundy colored, the table cloths should be made of silk and you can put candelabras in each table to complete the effect.

Your choice of flowers should also be in complement to the royal wedding themes. Pick velvety roses and bunches of wild orchids and other flowers. With all these, your guests will surely be wowed by all the details of your wedding. Such Ideas is perfect to have an awesome wedding photos.

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