Steal the Heart of Your Guests with Your Sweet and Charming Flower Girls

Tips in Selecting and Preparing Your Flower Girls

One of the most traditions that is practiced in most of the weddings across the world is having flower girls around during the wedding ceremony. Flower girls are not only cute and lovely addition to your wedding entourage, but essentially they have a key part to play in any traditional wedding ceremony.

wedding flowerWhat is a flower girl?

Commonly between the ages of 4 and 9, flower girls are the little ones carrying a basket of flowers behind the bridesmaids and scatters flower along the aisle. Oftentimes, these girls are directly related either to the bride or the groom. She may be a younger sister, a cousin, a niece, or a family friend.

Selecting Flower Girls

More often than not, the choice of the flower is quite obvious. Any young girl who is suitable to do the task of scattering flowers will naturally be chosen. But for couples that have a large family and have several selections for the flower girls may be finding it difficult to get the best ones. There is no hard rule that only specific numbers of flowers are needed for a wedding. To be the center of attention can be uncomfortable for some children and having at least three flowers girls can easily give these youngster a sense of camaraderie.

Preparing Your Flower Girl

Obviously, every person in the wedding has specific roles to play. And if even the grown ups can get nervous to be under the spotlight during the event, these little girls can also feel uncomfortable and unsettled. Thus, make sure to orient them by scheduling a practice for them to be familiar of their roles to play and start getting excited of their participation. One of the best things to do is to have the flower girls seat next to their parents during the ceremony to calm them down.

Flower Girls’ Dress

These sweet and charming girls are the little version of the bridesmaids. So in choosing their dress, pick something that resembles the designs and color of either the bride or the bridesmaids. With a little care and encouragement, your flower girls can surely steal the hearts of your wedding guests.

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