Tips For Couples When Looking For Wedding Venues And Block Booking Hotels In Clearwater, FL

How to Block Book a Hotel for Your Wedding

Inviting your wedding guests to show up in your wedding here in Clearwater, FL means there is the need to accommodate them. One of the many questions that they are going to ask is where they will be staying. Since you are the host, make sure that you have block book a certain hotel where your venue is. Most hotel venues nowadays are open to block booking.

Before you do your block booking, here are some of the things that you need to remember: There is no question to your interest in this matter. There is a plethora of articles on the same subject. With that being said, there are only few places where you can read about informational and valid material on this topic. Check for the best material written about this subject.

Do not wait for the last minute to block book. Wedding season is one of the busiest seasons of the year so make sure that you check ahead if the hotel venue you have booked can be block booked. If you are late then the tendency is most of the rooms have already been taken.

Having many hotel options will help you with your block booking. In order to avoid getting disappointed, make sure that you have many hotel options. If the first ones you have inquired cannot be block booked, you have other options that are near your venue. Booking a nearby accommodation will help you save a lot in transportation and other services.

When you do a block booking, make sure to inform your guests in advance. In this way, they will no longer need to book hotels for themselves. The advantage of hotel block booking is your guests can be able to book the hotel in an affordable price.

In this type of deal, there is a caveat that you need to watch out as well. When block booking a venue, make sure that the deal has a no sell policy. There are wedding hotels that will charge their customers if the block booked hotels don’t get booked. Before you sign the agreement with the hotel management, make sure to be clear with this type of policy. The last thing you want is paying for the empty hotel rooms that you have block booked in advance.

Another thing that you should remember when you enter into this type of agreement is the adjustment of check in and check out. Since your guests will come from different places, their arrivals are not uniformed. At some point, there are guests that may arrive late in the evening. A good hotel management will be able to adjust to this type of need. In short, go for hotels that are more accommodating and lenient when it comes to rules.

Block booking a hotel is done easily for as long as you follow the tips above. Worry not because there are many wedding venues and hotels here in Clearwater, FL that you can choose from. Before you book a hotel for your guest accommodation, read reviews and get recommendations ahead so you won’t regret your choice.