Unusual Yet Stylish, Los Angeles Diamond Engagement Rings You Should See

Options for Unusual yet Stylish Diamond Rings

There are so many brides who got influenced by modern style so it is natural for them to wear unusual yet stylizing engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA. If you are one of them then you should start looking for the best modern and stylish ring that will suit style preference.

engagement ringsBelow are some of the favorite diamond rings that are uniquely created to stand out from the traditional ones:

Solitaire ring with a twist

A diamond ring in solitaire style is already well known for its traditional style. If you want to outgrow the traditional style catalogue with this type of ring, make sure you check our solitaire rings with black diamond settings. The center stone which is black diamond is accentuated with small white diamonds as pavements. To make it more attractive, choose yellow gold, rose gold or gold as the band.

Ring with setting that is braided

Have you seen a ring that is characterized with braided setting? If not then maybe you might try fitting one. This is an attractive type of ring since not all brides get to wear this kind of modern style. Its center stone is solitaire and is attached to a braided setting. The trendy swirling band is a total pleaser. You can search for the photograph through google search to have idea.

Morganite engagement ring

If you want to wear a ring that is burning with passion when it comes to color and style, morganite ring is for you. A combination of rose gold and morganite center stone creates a feminine rosy color for brides who are a notch higher than classic style.

Diamond ring that has emerald cut style

When it comes to the combination of classic feel and clean lines, emerald cut has it. The only thing that sets this ring apart from traditional emerald cut rings is its modern double bands style.

Engagement ring with sapphire main stone

Are you attracted with a center stone that has a deep blue hue? If yes then this is a perfect way to get off from traditional white diamond rings. The deep blue hue in itself is already attractive. It is also characterized with white gold setting and band paved with minute small white diamonds.

Ring with diamond cluster as center stone

If you don’t like a huge diamond center stone then why not try one that has cluster diamond design. Cluster small diamonds will get the same shiny impression and feel especially when contrasted by rose gold setting and band. Not all jewelry shops have this kind of style so you need to visit a local artisan to customize the ring especially for you.

Wearing unique engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA will set you apart from other traditional brides when it comes to style. For more information regarding uniquely made rings, schedule a visit with your local jewelry shops. You can also look for innovative styles online through different jewelry blogs and sites.

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