Wedding and Engagement Ring in Houston, TX: 3 Different Ways to Wear

How to Wear Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

Being the symbol of your love, loyalty, and trust, your wedding and engagement rings in Houston, Texas are clear indicators to other people that you and your partner are fully committed to each other. Wearing these things, however, is not always as simple as putting them on your finger. Depending on your occupation or the sport you’re playing, wearing your engagement or wedding ring to these places can increase the risk of injuring yourself.

Engagement RingThere are actually other ways to wear engagement and wedding rings. Check out these ways on how to wear them.

Wearing it on the ring finger of your hand

This is the most common way of wearing rings. This practice derives from the belief of ancient Romans that the left hand is closer to the heart than the right hand. But in other countries like Germany, engaged or married individuals wear their rings on the ring finger of their right hand. When planning to have macro wedding photography, wearing the ring in the right finger is advisable.

Wearing both rings in one finger

If you want to wear both wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX on your finger, slide first your wedding ring then your engagement ring on the same finger, usually the left ring finger of your hand. Make sure that the engagement ring is flushed against the wedding ring. The reason why the wedding ring must be worn first derives from the belief the wedding ring should sit closest to the heart. But others still believe that the engagement ring should be worn first for it tells the story of the courtship, which happens before marriage.

Wearing rings around one’s neck

If your work or your sports won’t allow you to wear rings on your finger, wear your ring around your neck. Slide it onto an attractive chain so that you have with your ring anywhere you go. You may also have both your wedding and engagement ring in one necklace.