Wedding Cakes Toppers in Houston TX for Beach Theme Weddings

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers in Houston

What is the best way to finish the look of your wedding cake? Of course, what else, the wedding cake topper, this will add beauty  especially when you have your picture taking in your cake. There are plenty of wedding cake toppers available in the cake shop, especially that all time favorite bride and groom holding each other’s hand or kissing. On the other hand, the wedding cakes toppers in Houston TX is not that appropriate for your beach wedding.

If you would like every detail of your wedding to stick to your desired theme, do not reject the idea of thinking outside the box for your cake topper.

Seashells, freshly gathered from the shore, edible or store-bought, cannot go wrong with a beach wedding cake. Coral pieces or pearls are great choices too. Make sure you wash the seashells well before placing them as a topper. Seashells, corals and pearls can also be made from molding paste, chocolates or icing.

Another beach wedding cake topper idea is the tropical flowers. If your wedding theme involves the beach and lots of flowers, check out hibiscus, orchid spray, anthurium or bird of paradise. You can either incorporate fresh flowers on your wedding cake and for topper, or ask your cake decorator if they can mold tropical flowers out of icing or chocolate. It will be great idea to trick your guests for edible flowers on your cake.

For couples who love the beach and your partner is a sailor or navy, you might consider the idea of nautical cake toppers. Go nautical with anchors, ropes, bouys and life preserver rings. The rest of the cake can be made plain white but place any of the nautical details as your cake topper. This is the type of wedding cake that will represent your love for the sea, for more amazing ideas for this kind of wedding cake visit

Typically, wedding couples who are in a budget would prefer to have a simple cake glazed with white icing. Other couples would even prefer a nude cake and just add a cute cake topper. Wedding cakes toppers in Houston TX are not just cute pieces of adornment but can dress up the plain and dull cake and will make it look looking and smelling sumptuous.

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